Treat Boutique has truly revolutionised our eating habits since we happily stumbled across their social media page one rainy afternoon.

Like a moth to a flame, we were soon putting on our coat and stumbling through the crowded city centre, before reaching inside the safe, cosy, vibrant foodie sanctuary that is Treat Boutique. Where we quickly found ourselves salivating over the copious amounts of appetising buttercream frosted cupcakes and bulk ordering Nutella Brownies.

Just in case you haven’t had the opportunity to visit the sugar haven for yourself here’s our:

Top 10 reasons why we’ve fallen in love with Treat Boutique

Cupcake O'Clock at Treat Boutique

1. Delicious Afternoon Teas

Afternoon Tea

In keeping with the festive season, the (rather amazing) Afternoon Teas are now being served with Mulled Wine (£18 per person) or £20 with Prosecco. This is a fantastic gift idea for Christmas. Which we’d happily accept.

2. It’s Cupcake O’Clock

Cupcakes - tuly are mini Cakes

Everyday is Cupcake Day at Treat Boutique. The Tiramisu cupcake is truly the perfect miniature ‘cake’ – if you can call it miniature! With its soft filling, melt in the mouth icing and healthy sprinkling of chocolate.

3.  Their Desserts Are To-Die-For…

Raspberry Ruffle Cheesecake

Make that their fresh, homemade, delectable, scrumdidlyumptious desserts. Can you tell that we love (okay, worship) this Raspberry Ruffle Cheesecake?

4. They’re SO Much More Than ‘Just’ Desserts

Lunch at Treat Boutique

So much more. With their tasty lunches, gourmet sandwiches, panninis, soups, stews and tasty fillings of Chilli con carne and Chicken curry – perfect for slurping over the golden baked potatoes.

5. Veggies Welcome

Homemade Veg Lasagne

Not only do they provide a pretty serious savoury spread – but they do it vegetarian, too. Just check out this (mouth-watering) veggie lasagne. Yes please, thank-you.

6. Their Hot Drinks Game

Coffee from Treat Boutique

It’s seriously on point. Hence why they were so highly featured in our Top 10 Places In Belfast For a Mouth-Watering Hot Chocolate.

Festive hot drinks currently on offer include the raspberry ruffle hot chocolate, gingerbread lattes, Christmas cake cappuccinos and coco-nog lattes.

7. They Take The Pain Out Of Hosting


Rather than spending the day slaving away in the kitchen, Treat Boutique makes life much more enjoyable for you with their selection of personalised catering for events and functions. They cater for all corporate events, celebratory occasions, and functions. So you don’t have to.

8. Something Special For That Someone Special

Birthday cakes

Because nothing says I love you like a mega sized chocolate cake shaped like a cupcake dripping in icing sugar. When the special people in your life are celebrating, we can think of no better way of rewarding them than this cake. We strongly recommend Treat Boutique for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations & Christenings (i.e.. anytime you can have a cake, basically).

9. Wedding Cakes…

Wedding Cakes

Maybe technically covered above, but these indulgent, bespoke wedding cakes are on such a different level that they deserve a tier (see what we did there?) all of their own.

10. They Do Christmas Well

Christmas Cupcakes

Make that very, very well…

Chistmas Cupcakes

Now, please excuse us while we just stare at some pictures of food and plan our next visit…

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