If you’re like me and everything you bake turns to charcoal or some variance of sludge, it’s often a better idea to get your baked goods from somewhere other than your own kitchen. I’m an avid fiend of brownies, flapjacks and – most of all – scones. So here’s where you can get your hands on 11 of Belfast’s most delicious tray bakes.

1. The Crum Coffee Shop

53-55 Crumlin Rd

The cherry scones are the tastiest and largest I have ever come across. For ultimate enjoyment I’d recommend having them warmed up.

IMBV-Crum Coffee Shop

2. Downie’s Brownies and Cupcakes

12-20 East Bridge St

As well as classic flavours, Downie’s sells rare cupcake combos including peanut butter & banana and toffee & apple with super soft swirly icing.


3. Blackthorn Foods

28 Ballymacaret Rd

Family business hand-making traditional, as well as dairy and gluten free, fudge. All flavours are natural and seasonal options and introduced throughout the year.


4. Bread and Banjo Bakery

353 Ormeau Rd

For the perfect chocolate brownie – soft, mouth-watering and sprinkled with sugar, Bread and Banjo is the place to go. The muffins are also a close contender for best on the menu.

IMBV-Bread and Banjo

5. Bobbin Cafe

Donegal Sq

Fifteens, caramel squares and rocky roads are just a few of the gorgeous treats served inside the beautiful and historic City Hall.


6. Sinnamon Coffee

80 Stranmillis Rd

Claims to be one of Belfast’s best independent coffee shops, Sinnamon also serves generous slices of cakes and fifteens which I’ve only heard described as “spectacular”.


7. Clements Coffee Shop

342 Lisburn Rd

If you’re after more than just a good coffee, Clements offers delicious caramel slices to settle that sweet tooth.


8. Ground Espresso

44 Fountain St

Ground’s salted caramel brownie is a combination of sweet and savoury with a perfectly crisp outside and mouth-watering chewy centre. Add on a chocolate milkshake for even more enjoyment.


9. Snax ‘n The City

19 Linenhall St

Soft, fresh pastries that look as good as they taste. Close to the city centre, Snax is perfect if you’re in a rush but can’t miss your morning snack.


10. Ashers

19 Royal Ave

A must-visit for tray bakes – the extra chocolately raspberry ruffle ones come highly recommended.


11. Avoca

41 Arthur St

Choose from a wide variety of scrumptious scones, including pear, vanilla & almond and chocolate & hazelnut to name a few.


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