Have you ever wanted to know the top beauty brands? Read reviews on the best skin care products? Look no further, our top 6 Belfast beauty bloggers are here to help.

They discuss the depth of every product they review, whether its the pigmentation of the eye-shadow or the long lasting hours of the primers.

1. Glitteralittle

This 17 year old Belfast schoolgirl is becoming an internet sensation. Chloe Morton is sharing her beauty tips and fashion sense with her many YouTube fans.

Chloe is being courted by many of the world’s top makeup, beauty and fashion brands who are sending her free samples of their new products in the hope she will feature them in her presentations. She uses products from M·A·C, Benefit and Clarins, etc.

All of Chloe’s  Beauty Blog videos are all self taught, meaning she gathered many tips and tricks watching long hours of other inspirational tutorials. Whilst studying her A-levels Chloe is working extremely hard for both her fans and her teachers. Last month, she worked harder than ever to record extra videos in the hope of increasing her income coming up to Christmas.

 2. Forever Scarlet

Forever Scarlet is maintained by Northern Irish makeup artist Carolyn Henderson.

She is infatuated with fashion and beauty and she quotes, “They are two of my biggest passions”. She relishes everything about these two industries, the creativity of any makeup look and the confidence that fashion can release to anyone.

Her blog is an outlet for her to post the outfits that inspire herself and others. Also she shares the beauty products that she uses daily. She loves the chance to share new makeup looks that she has created for “A night out in Belfast”.

Not only does she create make up looks for different occasions but she shares her experience of techniques and products that she has recently been using. With a creative mind like Carolyn’s she exposes different interior design ideas and where to purchase them. You can find some of Carolyn’s tips and tricks over on her Youtube channel.

3. That Belfast Girl

Gemma-Louise Bond, as a woman in her early 20s, favours a mixture of different brands and is always looking to discover the best new products, stores or eateries.

That Belfast Girl

She explores the latest eye shadow palettes to her very own favourite skin care products. In her blog she includes many “new essential” reviews, where she reviews a skincare, make up product, etc and gives her honest opinion. That Belfast Girl has worked with many well known brands such as Urban Decay and Wet’n’Wild makeup. To be nominated as “blogger of the year” in 2014 CIPR NI Media awards was a big accolade for her.

4. Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry Blonde Beauty began as an occasional creative outlet and quickly evolved Into Nic’s  passion, a place where she can discuss the products and clothes she believes in.

Strawberry Blonde Beauty

Nic is older than your average Belfast blogger, but hopefully you won’t hold that against her! She tests products thoroughly before reviewing and only ever recommend what she truly believes in. On her blog you will find reviews from the latest fragrances and makeup and what she would recommend just for her fans.

5. Beau Edit

This blog is your honest guide to beauty. If your looking for a good ramble on reviewing makeup, your in the right place. It also produces reviews on skin care products and discussing all things related to beauty.


Caroline Davis ensures her readers they know the Do’s and the Dont’s of make up. The Belfast blogger does many other articles on topics like – Happy Feet (how to take care of your feet), The two types of mascara (ones that work and ones that don’t) and back to the basics of skin care (if you truly want your skin to glow then fill your cells with H2O). Her blog will most defiantly educate you and be a great help! Once she gives her advice she also helps us find the where we can purchase all these items and at a reasonable price. Beau edits also do inspirational Halloween ‘Game of Thrones’ make up looks.

6. Sugahfix

Sugahfix.com was launched in April 2008 as to answer any questions to the public of fashion information in Northern Ireland. Sugahfix has grown and developed over the years with their own career as a photoshoot producer and fashion and beauty stylist.

This cute little blog will help you with the latest make up, hairstyles coming in this season! One of the most in-demand creative directors and fashion stylists in Northern Ireland, Katrina Doran has created stunning photographic campaigns for the Lisburn Road, The Vintage Bridal Fair, Erneside. Katrina will show you through a blog the best make up on the market, Her own latest fashion trends and directory to Hair Salons, Beauty Spa’s and the best places to shop in Belfast!

We’ve also added in two inspiring blogs that have loads experience and our a personal favourite of mine! These bloggers illustrate great compassion for their make up, Pixiwoo Sisters and Zoella are great examples if your looking to be inspired to become a blogger!

Pixiwoo Sisters

Samantha Chapman began producing make up tutorials along side her sister Nicola Chapman in 2008. There famous YouTube channel has over 500 videos that explore the reviews of make up products , makeup tips and many glamorous tutorial looks.


The Pixiwoo sisters have worked with the well known UK M·A·C Pro team and have travelled to the Milan and Paris fashion week, gaining more and more experience. The sisters have a separate channel for their outrageous “Real Techniques” make up brush line. On their other YouTube channel “Real Techniques” they demonstrate how to use each brush and how to create various looks with these amazing tools!


Also known as Zoe Sugg, Zoella blog goes through her splendid reviews on the latest fashion showing her audience where we may find a cheap bargains. She is also known for her Beauty Hauls and Favourite videos (revealing her favourite make up products of the previous month)

The 25 year old holds 9 million subscribers on her beauty channel on YouTube. Also she has launched her own brand of Bath and Beauty cosmetics which you can find at your local “Super Drug”store. These range of cosmetics was the “biggest launch” of the year! Her début novel, Girl Online, was released in November 2014 and broke the record for highest first-week sales of a first-time novelist since Neilsen Bookscan began compiling such records in 1998.

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