Northern Irish women have been voting for their ultimate beauty sin.

And the result was almost unanimous, with 94% agreeing that a streaky tan is the worst.

Meanwhile, the classic faux paus of mascara panda eyes (72%) was second, with lipstick on your teeth, perhaps unsurprisingly, coming in at third place with 33%.

Lipstick on teeth is the third most hated NI beauty sin

On the opposite end of the spectrum, 44% of women reported good hair as being the most important thing to make a good first impression, with an equal percentage concurring that flawless skin is of vital importance.

However, it may come as a surprise that beautifully applied eye makeup is lowest on the priority list, with just 6% of the votes.

As a whole, the poll by SensatioNail Polish revealed Northern Irish beauties most aspire to be Holly Willoughby (50%), followed by Joanna Lumley (33%) and Helen Mirren (33%).

Panda eyes

It was also revealed that the women of Northern Ireland are beauty hoarders. Almost three quarters (72%) have old cosmetics at home that they never use. The top reasons being they never throw anything away (46%), they have so many they lose track (46%) and nearly a third buy products on a whim (31%).

Northern Irish women estimate their make-up bags are worth an impressive £111. But also have at least £70 worth of beauty products we never use and we would like to buy more! More than six in ten (61%) of Northern Irish women say they would get more manicures and pedicures if they had more time or money, just ahead of massages (50%) and make up lesson makeovers (50%).

Holly Willoughy

We are more efficient with how we spend our time though as most women get ready for a big night out within an hour (33%). Some have more time to dedicate to beautifying and spend up to two hours (28%). The North West region are most dedicated to their beauty routines with the highest proportion of women that take an impressive 2-3 hours to get ready. Wales are more relaxed with 19% of women ready to head out in just 15 minutes!

NI is over fake tan

Women affirmed a polished look makes an impression in the workplace and even on their emotions. Half of women said they paint their nails to give them a more polished and professional look (50%) whilst (22%) said they painted their nails to feel more confident. When asked about the greatest beauty development teeth whitening came out on top (67%), followed by waterproof mascara (44%) and gel nail polish (33%).

What do you think? Take our poll to tell us your biggest beauty fails!

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