With Cara Delevingne making all the headlines again these days, between her show-stopping red carpet looks, party antics and THAT awkward TV interview, it had us revisiting the importance of brow power.


Cara has adamantly stated in the past that she will NOT allow anyone else to touch her precious unique selling point, otherwise known as The Eyebrows. Asides from ‘allowing’ make-up artists to define them before a show or shoot with make-up, Cara sparingly takes the tweezers to her famous face herself, rather than letting anyone at her with the wax. And has offered the following extremely easy-to-follow advice…

“You just don’t pluck them. It’s really simple.” I mean, I do, obviously, a little bit, because otherwise I’d have a monobrow, but it’s just about keeping them wild, keeping them free and woolly.”

Simple advice. But if you grew up when it was ‘fashionable’ to over-zealously pluck your brows down to oblivion, a.k.a in a straight, thin line starting halfway above your eyes, then you will understand the frustration when people offer this supposedly simple helpful tip.

Because eyebrows take a LONG, seemingly endless amount of time to grow back.

To speed up the process, indulge in a simple vitamin from your local supermarket that is good for hair-growth. Vitamin C, B vitamins such as Biotin (Vitamin B7 or Vitamin H) and Niacin (Vitamin B3) have been shown to be essential for hair growth.

Secondly, take to combing your eyebrows up using a brush like this every morning as part of your make-up routine, and before bed after moisturising in order to promote hair growth. One great tip is to keep it in your make-up bag to freshen up your brows throughout the day.

eyebrow brush

One of the most vital things I have found to enhance your brows is to visit a make-up artist or beautician who knows what they are doing… In other words they won’t butcher your poor brows but reshape them and encourage them to grow.

This will breath much-needed new life into your brows. You will see the hair-growth effects within days never-mind weeks.

My personal top tip in Belfast is MNX Pro, owned by Rachel Ferran who specialises in eyebrow hair re-growth.


For £20 you will be plucked and preened, returning every 4-6 weeks to continue the process.

If you’re lamenting this expenditure, having seen the effects after only two sessions I can’t wait to go again.

While you wait for for your brows to fill in, a powder as close to your natural hair colour shade will work wonders, particularly when combined with brushing up with a comb.

This does not have to be expensive, with excellent palettes available from Semi-Chem. Starting from just £3 they sell perfect-handbag size blends filled with different colours.

They also have kits for under a fiver containing great combs and brushes as well as various shades of powder and gel.

Full arches are still trending, but brushing hairs straight up is equally key to perfect your look. To get the look, use your dry comb to brush hairs up. Then, using your brow powder and brush, carefully apply powder as close to your brow shade as possible, filling in all those pesky patches.

Make sure you do not fill in too much powder at the start of your brow. It should all blend naturally. I then like to brush up the hairs again using the comb, before adding a little highlighter or light shimmer just along the arch of the brows to define them. One final step is people then like to add a coat of gel to set their brows in place, but I believe this can feel rigid and prefer to be able to touch them up without any of those annoying make-up flakes.

Finally – do not pluck unless absolutely necessary!

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