Lewis Robert Cameron, Fashion Editor & Stylist at online men’s fashion mag Beyond Man, reports on men’s trends at Belfast Fashionweek…

When Belfast Fashionweek launched AW15 at Fashionweek HQ on Bruce Street it announced the 20th season itinerary packed with the usual fashion fanatic favourites for the girls.

But guess what guys? There was an extra special revelation director Cathy Martin had up her blue suede sleeve and that revelation declared that a menswear show will not only feature at fashion week, it will in fact open the catwalk proceedings. Can I get a massive Amen up in here or what!?

Naturally, I can’t bloody wait as the Menswear roster includes fashion stylist/creative visual Jamie Russell, University of Ulster graduates Steffe McNeilly and Lewis Hodges, final year student Josh McKay and Dublin Nominated Designer of the Year Marcelo Rodriques. Alongside the likes of Remus Uomo, DV8, KLOTH Vintage and Beyond Man Apparel. Set to push menswear to new heights on Thursday October 15, before the Designer Boutique show.

Cathy Martin commented: “We’re delighted to showcase menswear exclusively and we’ll have some top international brands as well as a host of new designers to support, with some very edgy men’s collections.”

In the meantime, I figured we could get ourselves a little sneak peek of things to come in the form of a brief discussion on the 5 Main Men’s Trends From Belfast Fashionweek, getting us well and truly in the mood for Autumn/Winter 2015 in the process.

1. Digital Prints


Graduate Steffe McNeilly worked with the design blueprints from the new University of Ulster campus, injecting architectural and structural drawings into spirographic ink infused digital prints. And for Beyond Man Apparel, mobile phone apps and computer fonts were used to create block capital text which was then transferred to lycra infused leggings via heat sublimation processes. Cool, comfortable and downright digital.

2. Texture

Everyone who knows anything about the world of fashion knows it is all about creating some form of explosive experience, whether that is achieved through sight, sound, smell taste or touch. Touch, being one of the main captivating elements, presented here by designer Jamie Russell who mixed various fabrics via his weaving process combining PVC plastics, paint splattered cottons and heavy wool panels. Beyond Man Apparel displayed bone cut garments with perforated detailing alongside a rigid mesh bomber jacket. And Steffe McNeilly also brought the texture in the form of her mesh panelled scuba trousers. Touching is believing.

3. Monochrome

The colour palette that refuses to go away, black and white are both simplistic and minimal in every sense of the word instantly creates a cool and futuristic vibe. It is every modern male’s style staple and rightly so. Sophistication and superiority go hand in hand with an effective monochrome ensemble, visible in all three menswear looks showcased at the Belfast Fashionweek press launch, looks that rocked from head to toe. Michael Jackson once said it doesn’t matter if you’re black or white…it does people! You need to wear both. Preferably at the same time.

4. Outerwear

A cocooned bomber jacket, shirts layered in an autumnal style on top of one another and a plastic fringed mac were the three main garments featured in terms of outerwear. Providing a high fashion edge instead of the usual khaki trench coat or rust brown parka based fashions. Remember, coats are for life, not just for Christmas.

5. Sports Luxe

The final trend is a trend that has been doing the rounds for quite a few seasons now and that trend presents a high-end sportswear vibe in a wearable and stylish environment. Mixing street and luxury sport designs, leggings are layered with oversized basketball shorts and a matching hooded sweatshirt, whilst oversized shirts are paired with scuba trousers, trainers, hightops and the occasional mesh bomber jacket. It’s like being a modern day power ranger but with way better clothes!    

Belfast Fashionweek will take place from October 15-18 across Belfast. For further information on show schedules, tickets, links to participant retailers as well as the season’s hottest trends, log on to www.belfastfashionweek.com.


Words & Styling: Lewis Cameron

CMPR Models: Piaras Smyth (wearing Steffe McNeilly)

Cameron Kelly (wearing Jamie Russell)

Carlos Djalo (wearing Beyond Man Apparel).


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