Right folks, 2016 is here in full swing and I am a little late on the whole ‘New Year, New You’. Before deciding on what direction I want to take my life this year… I want you to know, that there were some, shall I say, interesting beauty trends of 2015 that quite frankly, need murdering!

1. Contouring

Countouring = bad

This beauty trend is MAXED out. People behave as if contouring actually reconstructs their face the same way a surgeon does…it doesn’t. No more heavy, brown, THICK lines running over faces. Nobody needs to look like they have the Camden tube line mapped out on their face. And do not think because you used a beauty blender it makes it ‘ok’ because it looks ‘natural’… it don’t honey!

2. Baking


Unless you know how to do this properly DO NOT BOTHER. Are you about to perform in the theatre on stage? What’s that?… No?? Then don’t! I can see the LAYER of powder on your face from the other side of the street.

3. Frosted Brows

Frosted Brows

Highlighting your brow bone to the extent that you look like you have two reflector lights fit for Heathrow Runway ain’t cute. It wasn’t cute in the 80s and it still isn’t.

4. Thick Foundation

Too MUCH foundation

Layering foundation isn’t a bad thing, there are times when it is needed. However, plastering on layers of THICK foundation, making sure the foundation has made its way into your brow and hair line is unsightly. I don’t understand why it is still happening. Why?? Why would you make your skin look like a fake, unnatural mask? TELL ME WHY??????

5. Block Brows

Really bad eyebrows

Again, I don’t understand how these are still knocking around. The wrong colour, the wrong shape and no sight of the natural brow underneath. No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no more!

There is NOTHING wrong with looking like you… you don’t need all this heavy duty sludge.

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