These days, when it comes to facial hair, it’s all about the beard, no stubble.

Beards are the must-have accessory at the moment, and the Arctic explorer-look shows no signs of going out of fashion.

Logic would suggest those in the shearing business would be on their way out due to this boom in facial fuzz, though rather than spelling the end for barbers, the increase in the number of beards in the city has brought about an upturn in fortunes for those in the male grooming trade.

Cambridge 6

Sean Lawlor

Sean Lawlor of Cambridge Barbershop, who have just opened a new barbers at Queen’s in addition to their established base on the Lisburn Road, said he’s never been busier.

“You’ll have some guys who let their beard grow wild, but most want to keep it neat and tidy,” said the master barber who’s been in the trade since he was 16.

“They’ll come in every 2 to 3 weeks to have their particular image looked after.

“The most popular trend would be a thick beard with the cheeks and neckline completely shaved.”

He continued: “Beards are increasingly popular with young people. The high prices of cartridge razor blades have put off a lot of teenagers and in turn they end up sporting beards which then need looked after. Again, the barber’s a winner.”

A gallery of some of Sean’s satisfied customers…

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