Getting your sartorial reputation doesn’t need to cost your entire student loan Belfast Met BSc (Hons) Fashion Management student Nicola McKenna shares her tips on how to look good on a budget this season…

Upstyle / Customise

Give your clothes a makeover, dye them, add sequins or buttons or try out a new style by cutting a keyhole back or vents into your clothes for a flattering and edgy look. Belfast Met offer courses in Embroidery Fabric Painting and Needlecraft Classes to get you started.

Shop One Season Ahead

Shop for winter in summer and vice versa, you will always get an offer or discount on your purchase when shopping this way because of the change in weather.

Always Accessorize

Even if you have the one dress or skirt you can wear it with different accessories and shoes. If you’re tired of your own jackets or jewellery borrow them off your flat mates – ask first though!

Vintage Finds Start At Home

Mention what vintage pieces you are looking for with family members. Vintage wool coats could be still hanging up in your Granddad’s wardrobe or your mum might have a classic 90’s little black dress that’s dying for a night out.

Get The Next Best Thing

Shop on auction sites such as eBay for the latest styles. Get what the celebs are wearing and the latest fast fashion replicas off catwalks for a fraction of the price!

Be Creative

Make your own clothing and save money! If you have a sewing machine make your own unique clothing or learn new techniques in a class. Belfast Met offers part time courses in dress making and tailoring, which will give you the skills to work on any fashion project.

To find out about part time courses in Fashion and Textiles at Belfast Met check out

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