Beauty advents are fantastic for yourself and everyone else in the house. The kids might not appreciate them but most adults and teenagers who are make-up or beauty mad will LOVE them.

Yes they are more expensive than a chocolate calendar but chocolate advents make you fat, these don’t.

Here are 5 of the best beauty advents…


This is high end luxury hair care, anyone with this advent will feel opulent from root to tip.  We all have that one friend who’s hair is their thang. Point them in the direction of this.


£80 available from Andrew Mulvenna Hair Dressing, Cromac St


Delighted that Lancôme are sticking to what they do best by continuing to spoil us. The set contains all iconic and best sellers. Fans of the luxury Lancôme brand will ADORE this.

Lancome Advent Calendar

 £85 available from Debenhams

The Body Shop

This is perfect for all the family. Teenagers, parents and children can all get a little something out of this.  Or if you are like me, I will have it all to myself. Every advent bought insures one days supply of clean water to those in need, thank you Body Shop for understanding the gift of giving.



 £60 available from The Body Shop

Boots No 7

Currently a sell out. There are rumours it may make an appearance again this week. It is £25 and contains all of No 7’s cult followed products. The price is crazy as it is valued at £200. What’s not to like?

No 7


£25 available from Boots

Ciaté London

One for the nail polish lovers out there. 17 different shades of nail polish and more. Full of glamour and sophistication as ALWAYS from Ciaté. ASOS are selling this for £30.20 rather than the usual £50.00 and they deliver throughout the UK and Ireland.


£30.20 available from ASOS

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