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Did you know that most women don’t know what shape they are?!

There are so many different body shapes – and the greatest fashion faux pas in my opinion is not dressing to suit yours…

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Online there are shape calculators – you type in your bust, waist and hip measurements and it reveals what shape you are. Easy peasy.

Body Shapes Sketch for blog

So here are some of my top tips for dressing for YOUR body shape.

Katie’s Top Tips To Dressing For YOUR Shape

1. There are NO rules…

Rule Book

Rule number one – well, there are no rules!

Far too many people dread getting dressed because they don’t feel comfortable in their clothing. You should never be afraid to try new things. Especially curvy women I find are too taken up by what they shouldn’t wear then what they can wear.

2. Start from the start

The bullet bra

Always start with the correct under garments!!

Don't be afraid to go get fitted

70% of women are wearing the wrong bra size. I find Debenhams bra fitting service great. It’s quick and painless and they will specifically select a range of booby carriers for you (bras) ?. The correct style and sized bra can change you’re whole body shape for the better.

3. Shape it up


Shape wear is a god send.

"Dr 90201" Star Dr Rey Promotes Shapewear

I swear by them but like anything else – choose the correct style for you and always go by your ACTUAL size. Ladies I cannot stress that enough.

4. Figure it out

Kim Kardashian knows how to dress for her shape

Figure out what shape you are. Make sure you understand what styles and cuts suit your particular shape.

5. Try it ON!

Trying on clothes

Try everything on! Just because it doesn’t look great on the hanger it could be amazing on – and vice versa (with it looking great on the hanger but terrible in real-life…)

6. Be age appropriate…

Dress age appropiately

Dress for your age! Mutton dressed as lamb or a young woman dressed up in a frumpy number (aka looking older than her years) is not the aim of the game.

7. Belt it up

waist cinching belts can make the most dramatic addition to any outfit

Belts are a great tool for creating shape (something which I am well known for!) and can really add to an outfit.

Tailoring your outfits is also a fantastic tool to fit your shape .

8. Nude heels

Go nude

A nude heel lengthens the leg – it works every time! ???

9. Choose your shoes wisely…

Don't go for chunky straps

Choose your ankle strap on a shoe correctly. Chunky can cut off the leg. You want to accentuate your assets – not chop them off.

10. Forget everything you’ve been told

Stripes suit all body shapes - don't be afraid of them

Last but not least, contrary to popular belief all sizes and shapes can wear prints and stripes. It’s all about choosing a pattern with the right placement to shape your silhouette.

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