It’s Victoria Beckham’s birthday on April 17 but would the singer-turned-designer be impressed with a gadget gift?

While in years gone by, tech products have focussed on function rather than fashion, times are changing and these stylish wearable-tech products could easily be found on a catwalk

1. Straight Up
Lumo Lift, £79.99, from

To the untrained eye, this is a lovely little brooch that suits any outfit. However, underneath the magnetic clasp sits a comfortable, pebble-like device which, if it rests near your collarbone, will alert you when you’re slouching, via a gentle vibration. Perfect for those who sit at a desk all day, it’s simple to use and set up – just charge it, sit up straight and click the gadget to align, then press it again and it’ll alert you when you start to slouch. At the moment you’ll need an iPhone as it syncs with an iOS app (via Bluetooth) to give you feedback – an android version is apparently ‘in the pipeline’.

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2. In The Bag
Stelle Audio Mini-clutch, from £129,

This clever mini-clutch makes the perfect accessory to any night out. Like a regular clutch, it has a small pocket for your accessories and also comes with a good sized mirror, however it goes one step further – it also acts as a wireless speaker and speakerphone. Simply turn your Bluetooth on or use the aux-in cable and you can play your favourite songs through it, or even take calls. The speaker gives a surprisingly good sound – though it’s a bit unnerving when the clutch says ‘hello’ or ‘goodbye’ (when you turn it on or off). It’s slightly on the heavy side, too, but not uncomfortably so and the gadget is available in three designs – while the Dazzling Diamond is most striking, the Metallic Purple is perhaps the most stylish.

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3. Accept The Charge
HALO 3000 mAh Ultra Slim Portable Charger with Mirror Finish & RFID Card Wallet, £24.50,

When you’re out and using your phone, the last thing you want to see is that your battery is down to one bar. That’s where this comes in handy. The HALO 3000 is not only a compact mirror and pretty cardholder – it’s a power charger too. Simply connect your electronic device using the USB cable supplied with your phone and start charging – leaving you free to continue your call/complete that vital online shopping. At home, charge up the HALO using a USB port on your computer so it’s ready for your next phone emergency. It’s available in a variety of designs and also includes RFID blocking technology so you’ll be less likely to fall victim to electronic identity theft.

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4. Watch Out
Moto 360 Smart Watch, from £199,

When it comes to wearable technology, smart watches are the current trendy thing, yet quite a few still look clunky and sporty – except this Moto 360. While you can buy the watch ‘as it is’, you can also take the tech-filled watch and design the outside to your own specifications. Visit the Moto Maker site and you can choose from 11 watch faces, three case finishes and, perhaps most importantly for women, you can adjust the width of the strap, allowing you to create an elegant smart watch. In terms of the technology it’s powered by Android Wear, responds to your voice so you can send texts on the go and comes with an activity tracker.

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5. Let It Shine
Misfit Shine, £79.99; Misfit Women’s Bloom Necklace, £69.99, both

Activity trackers have, over the last few years, bridged the gap between sports GPS watches and exercise apps. Yet, if you’re not so keen on the usual sports watchstrap, invest in the Misfit Shine and Bloom necklace accessory – the latter making the most of the 90s fashion revival. It takes less than five minutes to set up; you insert the battery into the small disc (the tracker), download the app (iOS or android) and sync the disc to your phone, then you just stick the tracker into the necklace and off you go – some attractive jewellery and an activity tracker in one. Given it also tracks your sleep we’d suggest transferring it to the magnetic clip/watch strap provided with the Shine when you go to bed.

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