Blogger Louise Vance is probably best known for her fashion and beauty blog The Real Elle Woods.

Aptly named of course because she’s a law graduate who lives for fashion.

And there’s not a fashion accessory more stylish than a cocktail.

Louise said: “I’m not only known for my love of cocktail dresses, but also for my obsession with cocktails.

“My quest to find the perfectly mixed martini, or discover the latest innovation in mixology has lead me recently to become known as ‘Cocktail Girl’, and therefore spearheading my new blog Confessions of a Cocktail Girl.

“Cocktails have a reputation as purely ‘style over substance’. However once you have sipped upon a world class cocktail you will have a new found appreciation for the science and art of mixology, fully appreciating the level of knowledge and experience required to achieve that perfect balance of flavours in the glass.

“As for myself, well let’s just say I can spot a well mixed cocktail from 40 paces, and over the past month I’ve had the opportunity to enjoy some delectable cocktails.”

Read more at Confessions Of A Cocktail Girl

Louise’s Top 5 Cocktails This Week

1. Souk Gin Fizz (Complementary) at the Studio Souk Opening Party
(Mixed by) A.P.O.C, 11 Lower Garfield Street, Belfast

No stylish fashion opening is complete without a chic cocktail, and the Studio Souk party was no exception with the mixologists at A.P.O.C devising a modern take on the classic Gin Fizz cocktail, aptly named the Souk Gin Fizz. This light and frothy cocktail was full of refreshing citrus bang, creating a wonderful balance of sour notes that perfectly complimented the spicy juniper hit from the gin, topped off with a heady, fizzy sorbet hit.


2. Buck’s Fizz (Complementary) at the Lidl SS’15 Fashion Launch.
Made In Belfast, 1-2 Wellington Street, Belfast

Who says one can’t have cocktails for breakfast? Those lovely people at Lidl treated fashionista’s and media alike to a fashion filled brunch at Made In Belfast, complete with classic Buck’s Fizz cocktails.  Originally invented as an excuse to begin drinking early, it first appeared in 1921 and was first served in the Buck’s Club (hence the name Buck’s Fizz) by barman McGarry. While the modern version contains just two ingredients: Champagne and orange, the original recipe for Buck’s Fizz is still served to this day at the Buck’s Club and said to include secret ingredients only known to the barmen of the Buck’s Club.


3. Fish House Punch (£7.95)
The Albany, 701-703 Lisburn Rd, Belfast

If like me you enjoy a hard hitting cocktail then a Fish House Punch is for you.  A relatively lesser known cocktail, I discovered this gem of a cocktail upon my first visit to The Albany and it remains one of my all time favourite cocktails. A heady mix of peach brandy, cognac and rum, it’s high alcohol content is beautifully complemented with twist of peach and citrus flavours, the perfect drink for those of us who adore our rum based cocktails.


4. Melon Martini (£6.95)
House of Zen, 3 St Anne’s Square, Cathedral Quarter Belfast.

House of Zen pride themselves on having an extensive cocktail list, providing the cocktail connoisseur a myriad of options from the classics to more contemporary twists on well loved favourites.  If like me you love your classic martini then you will be in heaven at House of Zen.  From a classic French martini, to their innovative red, green or yellow pepper martini’s, there’s lots of variations on this classic cocktail to suit everyone’s tastes! In this instance as I was sampling their new menu I wanted a cool, refreshing cocktail that would cleanse my palette, and their watermelon martini made from freshly squeezed watermelon’s and vodka perfectly delivered on all fronts.


5. Cosmopolitan Daisy (£9.95)
Merchant Hotel, 16 Skipper Street, Belfast.

The multi award winning cocktail bar at the Merchant Hotel is synonymous with luxury and opulence, and it’s obvious from the moment you walk in they take their mixology very seriously (their cocktail “menu” is actually a book, spanning an impressive 112 pages).  While I do love to experiment with new cocktails, I find myself consistently drawn back to one of their Top 12 best selling cocktails, their Cosmopolitan Daisy.  Beautifully presented, this cocktail has both style and substance, it’s flavours surpassing it’s good looks with a delectable mix of Plymouth gin, Curaçao, fresh lemon juice, a little seltzer water and their house-made raspberry cordial.  Utterly delicious and a cocktail that Carrie Bradshaw would be proud to be seen with.


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