Facebook have just announced their plans to introduce photo-editing software, similar to the likes of Snapchat. Whether you’re funny, creative or just want what to show what you stand for, photo-editing can convey everything crucial about your personality with just one selfie.

Currently, social media companies have taken different approaches as to how you can make the most out of your selfies.

On Twitter you can make your photos match your personality by choosing between eight filters to make your photos artistic, vintage or give them a mood, much like Instagram which allows you to adjust all the basic colour-balancing levels.

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Snapchat is a bit different. You can add text as well as filters and you can draw whatever you like in any colour.

But on Snapchat there’s a chance you will experience a moment when you feel like an absolute genius, having just sent the funniest Snapchat of all time to your best friend and then you realise that in ten seconds that image will be gone forever.

Now, with the power of Facebook, you can share your hilarious edits to all of your friends and keep hold of them indefinitely – you know, to show the grand-kids.

Facebook’s new photo-editing tools are the result of apps used to personalise profile pictures, such as stickers which show the charities you support.

Recently, loads of people on Facebook had their profile picture edited into rainbow colours to show their personal support for America’s legalisation of gay marriage.

With the tools to make our selfies all about us, now is the time to grab your selfie-stick with both hands and be yourself.

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