When it comes to going on holidays we would be absolutely mad not to admit that there are a few who will worry about what they look like on the beach.

Whether it’s how fashionable your beach attire is, how slender your figure might be, how cleverly you have hidden your cellulite spots or skin conditions or whether your skin looks pasty white against the warm summer sunshine and sand – the fact is people care about aesthetics.

And while I don’t believe people should feel under pressure to look a certain way, I’m a great believer in the notion that no one has a right to judge someone because they want to look – and feel – a certain way.

One of the things that is totally alien to me is the world of tanning.  It’s not something I bother with but I have friends who wouldn’t consider leaving the house without a lovely glow.

INBV-Tanning Glenn Gordon

Glenn Gordon

And here’s where the problem lies.  I equally have friends – who will remain nameless – who have been victim to some of the worst tanning applications I have ever seen, from bright orange tango glows to caked colour around elbows, knees and fingers – in my opinion sometimes a tan can do more harm than good.

One fan of the tan is entrepreneur and businessman Glenn Gordon.

As well as being a photographer Glenn has now researched, created and developed his own range of cosmetic and beauty products under the name Glitterati International.

Now he is considered locally as a voice of authority when it comes to tanning.

So we’ve convinced him to part with a few secrets to ensure you get a top tan:

1. Make it real
Know you’re complexion and know what looks more natural. Tanning doesn’t have to be false.

2. Find the expert
Find the correct tanning technician with the brand of tan that best suits your requirements.

3. Know what you want
Be clear about the results you require, do you want a light summer glow or a Mediterranean sublime complexion.

4. Say no to Tango
Orange isn’t a good tan, in fact the opposite. Orange occurs when there is too much DHA applied.  DHA is the chemical which reacts with your skin to create a tanned colour.  If you go orange rather than any shade of brown it means your technician has not applied the correct amount of chemical.

5. Prepare your skin
Exfoliate lightly, preferably over a period of time beforehand to make sure your skin is nice and smooth.  Do not moisturise before tanning as it creates a barrier.

6. Aftercare
Moisturise, take note of the results and always give feedback to your technician good or bad.

7. Colour choice
If you have European skin then you shouldn’t require more than around a 10% DHA in your mix.  It’s good to talk these things through with your technician, you wouldn’t let a hairdresser do whatever they wanted.

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Obviously Glenn recommends his own brand Glitterati Elite Airbrushing which he developed because “it’s organic, anti ageing and smells fantastic”.

He added: “Gone are the days of the tango stained clothes and ruined bedsheets, my product lasts for between 7 to 10 days and I can honestly say it really does work”.

For more information on Glenn’s Glitterati International brands which is set to include a number of different items such as sunbed cream, eye-lash serum and other products Tweet @GlennGordon_ or email info@glitterati.company

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