As kids of the ’90s we may not have had it as hard as our parents but life was a little more quirky than it is today.

Here are 9 ways you know you’re a ’90s kid…

1. Mobile Phone Games

Borrowing an adult’s mobile phone so you can play Snake when you’re bored. The worst part was handing the phone back.


2. Classic Disney Movies

None of this Tangled or Frozen malarkey, you would have been watching classic Disney animation films like Lady & The Tramp and Sleeping Beauty – the good stuff!

3. Chip and Signature Cards

When your parents would use their credit cards they used the slow process of signing rather than using a pin code, bit annoying when they were dragging your round the shops.

4. MSN

Wanting to type an angry message to your friend who keeps ‘nudging’ you but their ‘nudging’ is getting in the way of your typing.

5. Groovy Chick

A phase of decorating your room with everything Groovy Chick, from the sign on your door to the blanket on your bed.

groovy chick

6. Paint

Paint was the Microsoft Windows programme to use when designing party invitations. If you had access to some iconic word-art and a paint brush, you were set.

7. Analogue TVs

Your parents never shut up about how they only got three channels and you were slightly better off with a few more on analogue. Plus, the TVs were huuuuge (and not in the right direction).


8. Walkmans

Want to listen to music when you’re out and about? Okay, but only if you’re up for holding onto a walkman the entire time. Most audio books weren’t on CD yet – that was what your tape player was for.

9. Steps – Tragedy

Going crazy and jumping around the room to Tragedy by Steps whenever it came on and making up funny parodies to the lyrics with your friends.

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