If you’re collating your summer wardrobe, whether it be for an exotic holiday or just enjoying some time in the city, here are 9 of Belfast’s best independent and global clothing shops to inspire you.

1. Liberty Blue
19-21 Lombard St
At this boutique ‘individuality’ is the key word. It’s renowned for vintage dresses and kitsch clothing to suit creative shoppers who not only choose the clothing, but also how to wear it.

Liberty Blue

2. Primark
1-2 Castle St
Budget shopping at it’s best. The Belfast store boasts three floors overflowing with clothes. Basically, there’s plenty of selection and if you’re indecisive it’s cheap enough to waste some money on.


3. H&M
8-10 Royal Avenue
No doubt many are familiar with this global fashion brand and how brilliant it is for basics as well as more stylish finds. The basic colour combinations and lack of patterns keeps the H&M look sweet and simple.


4. Young Savage
22 Church Ln
A recent move from Upper North St has kept this vintage store feeling fresh with brand new stock. If Young Savage had a motto it would be: bright colours and bold patterns create fashionable clothes that are meant to be noticed.

IMBV-Young Savage

5. White Stuff
1 Arthur Sq
With a firm rule against selling black clothing, White Stuff is suited to shoppers looking to dress colourfully but not childishly.

IMBV-White Stuff

6. Yoke
5 Wellington Buildings
Although Yoke is on the pricier side, it offers a breadth of designers, plenty of classic looks and wise staff who are ready to help those who want to feel as though they have just walked out of a catalogue.


7. Fresh Garbage
24 Rosemary St
Clothing to suit all your festival needs, from harem pants to penny glasses. Inside, it’s like a constant battle between the clothes and accessories to be the brightest.

IMBV-Fresh Garbage

8. Exhibit
1 Victoria Sq
Simple and pretty with nothing too garish, Exhibit maintains a classy feel but is surprisingly affordable.


9. The Rusty Zip
28 Botanic Ave
The Rusty Zip has been providing creative vintage clothing, accessories and other treasures since ’98. Inside, there are all sorts of creative finds including bottle top badges. Recently it was announced that The Rusty Zip would be closing – don’t panic – it’s just being taken over by new management.

IMBV-Rusty Zip

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