Fashion expert and PR boss Cathy Martin is speaking at the forthcoming TEDxWomen event at Stormont Castle on May 29.

She has gained a reputation throughout Northern Ireland for her company CMPR and her flagship show Belfast Fashion Week.

Following on from the success of TEDxStormont and in conjunction with TEDWomen, TEDxStormontWomen will see a variety of speakers come together for an afternoon in the iconic Stormont Castle to deliver inspirational and creative talks on this year’s theme of Momentum. Moving forward. Gaining speed. Building traction with the aim of exploring some bold ideas that create momentum in how we think, live and work.

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Cathy’s Top Tips for dressing for success while maintaining your individuality:

1. First impression
In a professional working environment where people are busy, you often don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, so how you dress can make a big difference to how you’re perceived.

2. It’s not all about you
Your dress is part of your company’s branding message and so, dressing inappropriately sends a message to clients and co-workers, so respect your company’s image – and the perceptions of its clients too.

3. Know your employer
In most workplace settings, when it comes to appearance, moderation and conformity for the industry are the order.
Each company will have its own guidelines, so it’s important to know your potential employer before you meet them.

4. Being on trend
Unless you work in a creative field, wearing the latest trends to work is hard to do, as wearing overly trendy clothing can overshadow your work accomplishments.
But while it’s important to avoid looking too trendy, this shouldn’t translate into wearing dowdy clothes.
Women tend not to give themselves the freedom to express their own personal style.

5. Being individual
Style individuality can create some degree of healthy competition in the workplace, as each employee can demonstrate her own talents and skills clearly and employees may exhibit great amounts of innovation and creativity as they strive to shine.
Remember though, it’s OK to demonstrate individuality with flair, or with subtlety, but it should always attract clients, not repel them.

6. Unique
Diversity in the workplace can increase marketing opportunities, recruitment, creativity, and the overall image of the business.
And interactions between people are key, especially today, as most businesses have a potentially global and diverse customer base.

7. Positives
Individualism allows team members that work cooperatively to share knowledge, skills and responsibilities as well as experiences.
It can also build on respect, tolerance and cultural diversity – and that is always a good thing!

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