Having soaked up the atmosphere and sampled some of the frozen yoghurt at Yogland, the new self-service frozen yoghurt shop on the Lisburn Road, here’s six reasons why you might want to do likewise:

1. High Protein

Like you needed an incentive to eat frozen yoghurt, Yogland’s stock is high in the healthy qualities such as protein.

2. Zero fat, sugar free

Guilt free frozen dessert, what could be better? Don’t be afraid to pile it all into your pot.

3. Dairy and gluten free options

Everyone knows a great shop caters to everyone’s needs.

4. Great Flavours

Apple sorbet, peanut butter and Dutch chocolate are only a few of the strong flavours available. Go a bit wild by mixing and matching, you won’t regret it.

5. Fantastic range of toppings

I was pleased to spot vegetarian haribos amongst the typical sweet and chocolate-y toppings. Plus, there’s a selection of fruit and nuts to keep your dessert nutritious.

6. Other delicious treats on the menu

Super smoothies, protein pancakes and protein breakfast bowls are available if you want to give your morning that much needed boost!

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