By Lucy McGrath / Black Shuck Blog

I’ll admit, I can be a bit of a weirdo from time to time — but who isn’t? We all have those little things that make us feel all fuzzy inside because they’re just so damn satisfying to our grey matter.

Traffic lights turning green just as we get to them; a fresh batch of warm brownies being brought out just as you get to the front of the queue in a coffee shop – my mind is fuzzing up just thinking about it!

1. Candles

Any shape, any size, any colour, any scent. I love ‘em!


2. Wooly Hats

I’m not a public hat person, but as soon as my front door shuts I am in instant cosy mode which means fluffy jumpers and hats galore! My current fav is this black knitted number with pom pom ears from H&M.


3. Putting Lipstick On Perfectly

I am cursed with the driest lips of all time, meaning when I get my pout to look god-daayymm beautiful I honestly cannot stop looking at it (sad I know, but it’s the little things!)


4. Eating Food, In My Car, With The Heat On When It’s Raining

I have no idea why. Probably because it feels like your escaping the world a bit, aaand it’s also super cosy! This also goes for drinking coffee or hot chocolate.


5. A Good Mug

Another extremely simple thing that just makes my heart burst. You have no idea how many times I’ve had to leave a shop just because I would have bought a 16 strong set of geometric print vessels, despite only living in a house of two. The mug:human ratio is already terrible.


6. Baths And Bath Products

This is a biggie. It’s also a deal breaker when it comes to house hunting – I will not live in a house without a bath! My favourite bombs and bubble bars at the moment are Lush’sMilky Bath’,‘Rose Jam’ and my old trusty ‘Tisty Toasty’.

LUSH Tisty Tosty

Now if only I could only be in my car with the heat on eating a McDonalds just after buying several new mugs, candles and bath bombs, all while showcasing perfect lipstick and wearing a wooly hat – and it’s raining.

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