While England has been enjoying the likes of Pret A Manger and Aldi for years, Northern Ireland has only just opened its first Greggs.

Nevertheless, living in Northern Ireland has some serious advantages.

On my trips here I am often found stuffing some of these treats into my suitcase:

1. Bread

From Veda to wheaten bread to nutty crust, I still have no idea how a Northern Irish person manages to decide what bread to toast in the morning – it’s all so yummy. No recipe makes the bread taste exactly as it should, making it a Northern Ireland exclusive.


2. Tayto Crisps

The iconic crisps of Ireland, Tayto have replaced any need for other brands. After covering all the basic flavours, Tayto moved on to producing chocolate bars using their crisps as a filling. If you tell that to an English person, they probably won’t believe you.


3. Ulster Fry

The Ulster Fry is so brilliant that it’s broken down the boundary of breakfast – many people enjoy it for lunch or dinner. Soda and potato bread make this dish special.

IMBV-Ulster Fry

4. Fifteens

Northern Ireland have managed to keep the secret that goo-ey marshmallow, digestive biscuits and glacier cherries somehow combine into one delicious tray bake.


5. Mauds Ice Creams

A brand so large in Ireland that many assume it runs throughout the UK. It doesn’t, how tragic is that? Even more upsetting is that it doesn’t travel well in a suitcase, believe me.


6. Fanta

Yes, there’s Fanta all over the world.  But in Northern Ireland it’s different, it’s better. I live in England and spend a lot of time here so believe me when I say Fanta tastes way stronger in Northern Ireland; in England it’s a lot more diluted. I once took a photo comparing the bright orange Fanta available in Northern Ireland with the pale yellow look-alike that’s sold in England so think yourself lucky!


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