Buying a weekly face mask from the shops can add up and start to break the bank over time. As a student, I don’t have that kind of budget to spend on my skin and I can’t really justify using my student loan to cover them.

But with the left over ingredients lying around in the kitchen and the fruit you can’t be bothered to eat you can make your own face mask suited to your skin.

Here are six easy to make face masks…

1. For Dry Skin

Carrot and Avocado Mask

This mask is full of moisturising agents to aid dry skin. You will need one carrot, half an avocado, one tbsp of honey, half tbsp of oil, one tsp of lemon juice and one egg yolk. This may seem like a weighty list, but long-lasting results will make it worthwhile.

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2. For Oily Skin

Banana Mask

Use one banana and two tbsp of honey. For an extra boost add an orange or lemon. This will sooth the skin, leaving it soft rather than oily.

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3. For Acne-Prone Skin

Strawberry Mask

Strawberries naturally have salicylic acid, found in most acne medicines. Simply mix a quarter cup of strawberries with a quarter cup of non-flavoured yoghurt.

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4. To Eliminate Dead Skin

Pineapple and Papaya Mask

Papaya is known to dissolve dead skin cells. Just use half a papaya, one cup of pineapple and one tbsp of honey then lie back and relax your face.

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5. For All Skin Types

Oatmeal and Yoghurt Mask

Combine one tbsp of oatmeal (finely ground) with one tbsp of organic yoghurt and a few drops of honey to refresh your skin.

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6. To Relax

Lavender Mask

Enjoy some aromatherapy with this hydrating and calming mask. All you need is two tbsp of Greek yoghurt, one tbsp of honey and a few drops of lavender.

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