Jacob Craig isn’t going to be able to drive for at least another 12 years but that hasn’t stopped him gaining a huge following for his love of cars.

The five year old P1 pupil from East Belfast has over 11,000 likes on his Facebook page and nearly 18,000 followers on Instagram – okay so that’s not quite the 30,000 we said in the headline but by the time you read this it probably will be.

Jacob's Instagram

It started out with Jacob getting his picture taken beside an Aston Martin, posting it to Facebook and getting a lot of likes. It was suggested he should set up his own page and his dad Iain did the needful.

Within six months he had 10,000 fans hooked on his supercar spotting. In much the same way as some people collect selfies with famous people, Jacob prefers to get his photo taken with flash motors.

Jacob's supercars

Jacob’s has become a pint-sized celebrity in the motoring world and is often asked by motor shows and garages to attend events to get them some extra publicity.

The family have even started organised their own supercar events called Renegade Run were drivers gather and go for a spin for the day.


Jacob’s family don’t have supercar themselves, but given his rising celebrity status it’s only a matter of time before he gets to strap himself into one of his own… with the help of a children’s car seat.

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