For many people with short hair styles they very often get caught in a trap of having it look the same way every time the leave the house.

But according to Jamie Stevens who has clocked up four nominations for this year’s HJ British Hairdresser of the Year it’s not that hard to make a difference.

Jamie is best known for his work as the resident hairstylist on The X Factor and three times winner of Men’s Hairdresser of the Year.

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Here are his top 5 tips for revamping short hair:

1. Small change, big impact
Jamie said: “You only need to make slight changes to the way short hair is styled to make a real difference.”

2. Quiff’s away
Jamie explained: “If your hair’s pretty short, wearing a quiff is a great way to keep your fringe off your face.
“Blow-dry your hair backwards in the direction of the quiff, using a small round brush to achieve as much height as possible.”

3. The perfect touch
“Accessories are really on trend and a great way to completely transform shorter hair” said Jamie, adding: “Slides, scarves and headbands are all popular at the moment.”

4. Product tip
Jamie advises: “My must-have styling product for shorter hair is Matrix Mega Dust Volume Texturiser [£10.99,]. It keeps the hair in place from root to tip. Use a bit more product and it has the same effect as a dry shampoo, soaking up excess oil.”

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5. Timeless classic
Jamie said: “The crop is the ultimate hairstyle.
“It’s a classic, timeless style. Variations, from Twiggy to Charlize Theron to Jennifer Lawrence, show just how versatile short hair can be.”

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