As Spring gets well underway for many of us the wedding season has begun.

From bridesmaids and plus ones to family, friends and special guests for some it will feel a bit like a fashion parade we can’t afford.

With each outing comes a present, a new outfit, a hairstyle, getting our makeup done and a ton of other prepping from tans and nails to waxes, bleaches and…well, some secrets should never be revealed.

So, to help you save a penny or two here are some fab hairstyles with YouTube tutorials that might help you save a penny or two during wedding season.

And if not…then it’s the perfect way to turn yourself into “best aunt ever” when your niece comes to stay.

Top 5 Hair Tutorials

1. Pretty Bow

Who needs ribbon when you can turn your own hair into an amazing bow in no time at all.

2. Starburst Plait

To be honest this is probably best on a younger person so that everyone who sees it can fully appreciate how amazing it it.

3. Fairytale Princess

This is by far my all-time favourite.
Literally a few minutes can transform long, straight and lifeless hair into an elegant look fit for a fairytale princess.

4. Romantic Twist

Make it look like you’ve spent a lot of time over a flawless romantic up-do with just a little twisting in the right places and a couple of hair clips.

5. Simple But Cute

This long hair do is a fantastic way to add a little summer boho chic to your outfit without being too obvious.
Do it messy with little flower clips or faux daisies for a cute hippy feel or neat and tidy for an elegant and sophisticated look.

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