A recent survey uncovered the weird items people in the UK are shoving into suitcases (probably last minute in a state of panic).

To celebrate the research Pot Noodle has created a suitcase design which can hold some of the most unusual items packed by Brits. It’s part of the launch for their new sausage casserole flavour, reminding us that while on holiday we might enjoy a taste from home.

With nearly 1 in 10 people packing snacks, it seems that people from the UK are overly fussy (or patriotic) when it comes to foreign food. I can excuse the 25% of people packing biscuits, they’re not always the same abroad. But, surely salt and pepper tastes the same?

Perhaps it’s not a case of fussiness, but over-thinking. After all, it’s always better to over-pack than under-pack – unless your suitcase explodes.

Some admitted to packing even more bizarre items, including a replica or their pet cat, a mini wooden hedgehog and a pumice stone.

Fortunately, if your baggage is overweight at the airport then you probably won’t be the only one guiltily removing toilet seat covers from your suitcase.

Here’s the list in full…

Weirdest Suitcase Items:

1. Tea Bags

2. Notebook

But no pen?

3. Umbrella

4. Biscuits

If the biscuits were ginger nuts, it was definitely a grandma.

5. Torch

6. Bath Sponge

7. Mug

How gutted would you be if your room didn’t have tea and coffee making facilities?

8. Pot Noodle

9. Cutlery

10. Salt and Pepper Shakers

11. Shopping Vouchers

Hopefully ones you can use abroad…

12. Cheese

13. A Kite

14. Pictures of Pets

15. Toilet Cleaner

Nothing says being on holiday more than cleaning a toilet.

16. Pencil Sharpener

17. Bathroom Cleaner

18. Remote Control Car

19. Pie In Tin

20. Moisturising Socks

Who knew these existed?

21. Toilet Seat Covers

Because despite bringing toilet cleaner, you’re still going to need these.

22. Union Jack Flag

23. Stapler

To help cope with feelings of office-sickness.

24. Picture Frame

25. Microscope


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