The Vegetarian Society estimates that roughly one in 10 people in the UK are vegetarian, with twice as many women making the meat cut than men.

88% of men believe it would be an almost impossible challenge to try vegetarianism, according to a survey by Peperami. Instead, they would rather give up chocolate, shave their head or even break up with their spouse.


With seven in 10 men having meat with every meal, it’s no surprise that they can’t imagine a meat free life.

Having cut out meat six months ago, I can honestly say vegetarianism is not that hard. Companies like Quorn, Linda McCartney Foods and supermarket own brands produce healthy meat replicas.


Linda McCartney Vegetarian Quarter Pounder

Many are yet to discover the delicious alternatives available and the health benefits these provide.

One things for sure, lots of men are lacking in will-power.

25 Things Men Would Rather Do Than Become Vegetarian:

1.     Delete their Facebook profile

2.     Give up chocolate

3.     Shave their head

4.     Give up social media

5.     Give up cigarettes

6.     Give up alcohol

7.     Get a wax

8.     Go skinny-dipping

9.     Give up tea or coffee

10.  Stop going to the pub

11.  Give up their Sky Sports subscription

12.  Move out of the UK

13.  Audition for The X-Factor

14.  Give up their mobile phone

15.  Give up television

16.  Swim with sharks

17.  Give up sex

18.  Streak through town

19.  Have my mother-in-law move in

20.  Quit their job

21.  Sell my car

22.  Give up the internet

23.  Break-up with their partner

24.  Stop seeing my best friend

25.  Stop seeing my family


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