The stress of results day is completely overwhelming and once you know where you’re going the next bucket of stress falls on your head – packing.

Here are 11 essential items you might forget to pack for university…

1. An Umbrella

Preferably a small one that you can fit into a bag or oversized pocket. Most people don’t take a car to uni so you’ll probably be walking everywhere and will inevitably get caught in the rain at some point.


2. Air Freshener

At home air freshener is probably dotted around the house without you having to think about it. But no matter how much you clean, you will never get your room to smell of vanilla without air freshener.


3. Slippers and Dressing Gown

While you might think leaving these luxuries at home will save vital space in the car, you are really going to miss them by the time October comes when all you want is to get cosy in your room and watch Netflix.


4. Laundry Basket

Do you really want your new friends to see your dirty underwear on the floor? Don’t forget your washing powder or change for the machine.


5. A Water Bottle

You probably won’t be able to afford to buy coffees and bottled drinks on a daily basis so save some cash by investing in a personal water bottle that you can refill.


6. A Hot Water Bottle

This will double as your remedy to any illness and your solution to the cold weather.


7. A Can Opener

If you’re self-catered your first few days of cooking could be tricky without one of these.


8. Your NHS Details

In order to register with the local GP you’ll need these details. That way they will have all your history and be able to help you when you get a case of Fresher’s Flu.


9. A Hand Towel

Because drying your hands on your bath towel every day is going to make it grim. The aim is to do your laundry as little as often so this is a worthy addition to your packing.


10. A Weekend Bag

For any short visits home or to visit a friend at another uni, this bag will be very useful. No one wants to cart a massive suitcase round with them for just a few items.


11. Bin Bags

Small ones for your room and bigger ones for the kitchen are crucial. Now you’re little brother isn’t on hand to take the bins out, you may have to brave that task as well.


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