You might think that doing the grocery shopping is one of the most boring chores imaginable. Think again.

Here are 10 silly supermarket signs…

1. Tesco’s Baby Bargains

Can you spot this inappropriate baby bargain?


2. The Aisle Of Weird Combinations 

Let’s hope that baby has an over 18 to go through the checkout for them.


3. The Lying ‘Out Of Stock’ Sign

My guess is a member of staff got peckish and wanted to save these for the end of their shift, you can hardly blame them.


4. The Appalling Maths

Cue every staff member claiming it wasn’t them who created the sign.


5. The Spelling Mistake

Either this is a whole new type of food (we should be so lucky) or spell-check really needs to start functioning in day to day life.


6. The Strange Clarifying Note

I wonder what sparked the need for this note, surely people who go out to buy cat milk know what it is?


7. The Technical Failure

Well, that was unfortunate.


8. The Confusing Offer

We’re all eager for a good deal, this one is used to throw us off.


9. The Over-Enthusiastic Sign

Are you tempted?


10. The Sheer Lie

I feel bad for the people who got their hopes up.


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