If you don’t know any vegetarians or vegans the people who live by this diet can sometimes seem like an alien species. But the truth is they are all around you and you probably didn’t know it.

Here are 10 famous faces you probably didn’t know are vegetarian or vegan…

1. Peter Dinklage

The Game of Thrones actor became vegetarian at the age of 16. He’s since narrated the video Face Your Food, a film advocating a vegan diet on ethical grounds. Oh, and if you think that’s meat he’s eating on the show – it’s actually tofu.


2. Colin Morgan

Despite his allergy to lactose, the Merlin star maintains a strict vegetarian diet and as a result is an excellent cook.


3. Emily Kinney

The Walking Dead star Emily Kinney previously had a blog in which she spoke of her vegetarian diet although she has eaten a guinea pig when her role on The Walking Dead required her to. Gross, as she said.


4. Dianna Agron

Glee’s Dianna Agron, is a supporter of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and was nominated sexiest vegetarian of 2010.


5. Kate Winslett

Since posing on a ship in Titanic, Kate Winslet has narrated a video for PETA, encouraging people to boycott restaurants that serve foie grass in an attempt to get chefs to remove it from their menus.


6. Shannon Elizabeth

Jim’s love interest in American Pie has a soft spot for animals. Shannon Elizabeth is partnered with the organization Farm Sanctuary as a spokesperson for the Adopt a Turkey Project.


7. Woody Harrelson

Woody Harrelson proved not only that white men CAN jump but that vegetarians don’t all have chronic fatigue syndrome. He’s been vegan for almost three decade since an occasion on a bus in New York when a stranger informed him he was lactose intolerant and if he quit dairy his acne would be gone within three days. Sure enough, it was.


8. Tobey Maguire

Since 1992 Tobey Maguire has been a vegetarian and in 2009 he became a vegan. PETA rightfully declared him the World’s Sexiest Vegetarian in 2002.


9. Natalie Portman

That’s right, Natalie Portman has been vegetarian since she was eight years old and in 2007 she launched her own brand of vegan footwear. Despite when she was pregnant, Natalie has maintained a vegan diet since 2009.


10. Kristen Stewart

Even though the book version of Bella Swan eats meat, Kristen Stewart ensured her character would only be ordering veggie burgers in the Twilight movies.


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