Thousands of years after the Ruthless Romans, Savage Saxons & Vicious Vikings stormed ashore on the coast of Britain and the Gruesome Greeks competed in the first ever Olympic Games.

You can relive those horribly exciting times by bringing your family to see these two great productions. Each two hour show is both very funny & informative – a great treat for the whole family (age 5+) especially any child doing Key Stage 2 history at primary school.

Show runs from June 2-6, for more information log onto  There are 2 shows:

Groovy Greeks: From savage Sparta to angry Athens, discover everything you need to know about Ancient Greece in true Horrible Histories style

Incredible Invaders: A thousand year journey through British history with rotten Romans, savage Saxons and vicious Vikings! All aboard!


:: Under strict Athenian laws you could be executed for the most trivial offence even stealing a cabbage!

:: The ancient Greeks held the very first Olympic games but they also held other contests at Isthmia where if you won a race you were given a crown made of pongy celery!

:: There were lots of Nike trainers on view recently at the London Olympics but Nike was originally the name of the Greek’s goddess of victory, whom they thought watched over all athletic contests

:: Woman thought combing their hair with the spear of someone just killed in the arena would bring them luck

:: Sausages were banned as only being fit for Barbarians to eat!

: It was bad luck to enter a house left foot first so rich Romans put a servant at the door to make sure everyone entered right foot first. They were the first ‘footmen’.

:: A Roman cure for snake bite was to rub pig droppings onto the bite and then pour wine mixed with the herb Fennel up your nose!

:: The Vikings legends said that the first man & woman in the world came from the sweat of a giant’s armpit – so if giants had used deodorant we might all never have been born!

:: They also believed clouds were made from the brains of a dead giant

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