If, like us, you’re struggling with a severe case of January blues, this news from Starbucks might just make your day. Or at least your morning coffee run.

That’s because throughout the entire month of January, it is now free to customise your latte.

This means you can get creative as you like – with no extra cost.

So if you’re buying a latte, you can get all the flavoured syrups, whipped cream and extra shots of coffee, all for free.

Most Starbucks have a wide-ranging selection of syrups, from Vanilla, Caramel, Hazelnut, and Peppermint.

Or why not add a bit of a twist to your usual milk order – by ordering your Latte with Coconut milk.

Whilst it may slightly wreck our January diet, we reckon a little splash of cream wouldn’t hurt.

Plus, we need a little bit of a sugar fix to get us through these long January mornings…

This offer is available at participating stores in Northern Ireland (that’s the majority of the Starbucks stores, but some special stores, for example located inside office buildings or tourist attractions, may be excluded).


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