Would you be prepared to do without solid food for a year, subsisting only on a powdered food product?

The manufacturers of the powdered food substitute, Huel, are prepared to pay up to £35000 for the right candidate.

The company is open for applications from any members of the British public who are willing to try out a powdered food-only diet for a year-long period in order to gauge the effects of forgoing traditional food altogether.

The aim of the year-long project is to learn more about the role food plays in our lives and what life would be like without the eating, planning, shopping and cleaning that is all part and parcel of a traditional diet.



The powdered food product, www.huel.me, has sold out three times in the first month of trading in spite of meeting with some controversy and criticism.

The powder has been rigorously tested during development and delivers 100% of the government-recommended nutrition that the human body needs, all the while being vegan-friendly with no added sugar.

The flavour has been compared to vanilla porridge, purposely designed not to be too flavoursome to minimise the risk of users overeating.

The successful candidate will be required to undertake daily video calls with the monitoring team to report their progress, via Skype, and agree to weekly visits to the Huel headquarters in order to maintain regular medical assessments.

Although they will be free to continue all usual daily duties, including work and family responsibilities, they will be required to perform no less and no more than 30 minutes of physical activity per day, which will be dictated by the team at Huel, in order to clearly show the effects of the Huel diet.

Applicants must have a healthy BMI in order to be considered.


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