We’ve all been there. Our dinner hasn’t arrived on time so we’ve lashed out at the nearest person to hand.

The difference is, when the ‘right thinking man in the street’ punches someone who didn’t bring them their dinner on time, he doesn’t have over 1 million people fighting his corner for him.

Having aimed a punch at a colleague, Clarkson was suspended from the BBC and Top Gear ‘parked’ indefinitely with three episodes remaining in the series.

Since being suspended a petition has amassed over 1 million signatures to bring back the TV star whose racist, homophobic and sexist comments have earned him fans and enemies in equal amount.

The petition to ‘Bring Back Clarkson’ was delivered to the BBC in a way that all petitions should be delivered… by Stig in a tank.

It’s easy to be fooled into thinking everyone with a UK driving licence is a Clarkson supporter. A quick glance at Twitter will show you this is not the case. Some onlookers are extremely happy that Clarkson has been suspended and would be happier still if he was suspended from Tower Bridge by a length of rope.

Richard Hammond and James May have said they won’t work without Clarkson. They mightn’t have a choice, because without Clarkson, they won’t work.

And so rumbles on the biggest saga to hit the BBC since the previous saga involving Top Gear.



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