Here are today’s random facts to amaze/annoy your friends with…

1. Elderly bears take baths in sulphur springs to ease their pains. Humans should probably do the same. But maybe best to wait until the bears get out.

2. Anne Boylen, the second wife of Henry VII, spent the night before her execution in the same room in the Tower Of London in which she spent the night before her coronation. Probably not as soundly the second time round.

3. Britain has more ghosts per square mile than any other country. Hard fact to prove that.

4. Dolphins sleep with one eye open. Could they be the inspiration for Metallica’s Enter Sandman.

5. Gale warnings were first issued in 1861. Long before she ever appeared in Coronation Street.

6. Garlic belongs to the lily family. Though it never gets invited to family get-togethers.

7. The door to Number Ten Downing Street has to be opened from the inside. There is no key hole on the outside. Pity, because some people would love to see David Cameron locked up.

8. Thrushes can sing 55 songs without ever repeating themselves. Unlike country musicians.

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