1. Scotland lose war of attrition

The attritional tone for this weekend’s 6 Nations Rugby Championship was set by the Italians in their victory over Scotland. Their win sparked scenes of genuine euphoria. Apart from Scottish fans who’d been tricked into thinking their side had turned a corner, no one would begrudge the Italians the win.

2. Italians do have a sense of humour

The camera focused on one flag in particular at the Scotland v Italy match – a green, white and red Italian flag that said on it ‘Braveheart is my favourite movie’. How great must it have been for that Italian fan to be in the very country where his favourite film is set to witness the brave warriors from the country of his birth defeat William Wallace’s surrogate children?

I’d like to see the flag he brings to the Welsh game.
‘Twin Town is my favourite movie’ is unlikely to strike the same chord of recognition with onlookers.

3. Wales carry on their hoodoo over France

In the second game on Saturday Wales carried on their hoodoo over France in the Six Nations as they did enough to seal victory in Paris.

It was the least exciting game of the weekend although the end result brought about an incredibly familiar sight – a French sulk. No one sulks better than a Frenchman and no one takes more pleasure in laughing at their sulks than the rest of the world.

4. French gameplan thrown into disarray

France’s gameplan of ‘Give It To Bastareaud’ was thrown into disarray when he was left on the bench, but the cunning French soon found a way to get him involved, with the stand-in centre nobly injuring himself to allow the French BA Baracus to enter the fray.

In the end it didn’t matter a jot as Wales soaked up everything Les Bleus threw at them, including l’évier de cuisine.

5. Ireland’s show of strength

I was fortunate enough to be in the crowd on Sunday to witness Ireland knock the wheels off the English chariot.

The game at the Aviva wasn’t laden with talking points, but in terms of a show of strength Ireland put in a performance akin to a 21-gun salute at an AGM of masked paramiltaries.

6. Sing-songs aren’t what they used to be

On the way home on the train I discovered that sing-songs aren’t what they used to be. Behind us a couple of gents treated our carriage to some tired renditions of the Irish staples.

Part way through a particularly uninspiring version of The Star Of The County Down I turned around to see who was creating the pathetic racket and was both shocked, stunned and a little bit amazed to witness two middle aged men huddled around a smartphone reading the lyrics off the display.

I got talking to the pair and suggested they put their phone to better use by ‘Googling’ Welsh films to see if there’s ever been one made that people actually remember.

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