With the football season drawing to close in a matter of days, fans of the beautiful game may be left kicking their heels as to how to fill the void this summer.

Thankfully for soccer fans, boredom has given rise to much creativity amongst football mad individuals as evidenced by these weird and wonderful pursuits from around the globe…

1. Floating pitch at Panyee FC


Where the ‘He who hits it get it’ rule takes on a whole new significance.

2. Bossaball


Belgium’s crazy mix of trampolining, bicycle kicks and volleyball. Plus drums! Who said nothing good came out of Belgium?

3. Circular Soccer


Jamie Dornan’s dad has come up with a new concept in soccer which thankfully doesn’t involve any form of sadomasochism. Just futuristic circular nets.

4. FIFA 15


If all else fails there’s always FIFA 15 but how many footy fans remember playing the original version from 1994.



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