Overseas uni student Connor Elliott gives us his top 5 tips for surviving uni away from home and staying in a good mood.

1. Keep the room tidy

Yes even with the floor space freedom you have gained by escaping the vigilant eye of your parents. Coming home from a long day of being hungover to a tidy room is a guaranteed mood lifter.


2. Budget Budget Budget

We have all had those dreaded nights when the sight of the balance on the Jekyll and Hyde ATM puts the lights out on the very best of social events but this is a necessary evil and an easy thing to do to make sure you are on top on the fickle financial aspect of university life.


3. Exercise

The common trend for many years from early uni development is to chub up a bit. For your health do attempt some exercise, this will help to keep your mood lifted and blow off some steam. Joining a sports club will be the perfect way to make friends and de-chub and another excuse to socialise in a different arena.


4. Don’t stop making friends

Usually the people you meet in freshers will become the people you waste most of your days with. Even somehow if you manage to find people you like during freshers there is always one more “looney” like yourself to be friends with so welcome everyone with (literally) open arms.


5. Work hardish, play very hard

Being at uni is a wonderful time for you (liver exempt) but it would be wise if some nights when your head hits the pillow the room didn’t begin to spin!


Going out is a vital part of uni life but so is getting the eduction for the ridiculous fees we pay. Occasionally have a night in with the books instead of the old friend vodka.


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