When it comes to tattoos more often than not celebrities are the benchmark for what’s hot and what’s not.

From Cheryl Fernandez-Versini and her hand tattoo to Robbie Williams and his tribal art there’s always something the fans want to copy.

But just because they’re celebrities doesn’t mean they always make the right choices when it comes to getting something permanently etched upon their skin.

According to a new survey former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson has the worst celebrity tattoo.

The striking tribal design around Tyson’s eye came top of a list of most off-putting body art in a survey of 2,000 adults, along with the tattoos of Pamela Anderson, Chris Brown and Justin Bieber.

X-Factor star Cheryl Fernandez-Versini was voted second in the list for her rose-covered rear, while the scatty chest-work of One Direction’s Harry Styles also featured.

Other celebs in the list included reality TV diva Tulisa, for the phrase ‘Lucky You’ tattooed on her bikini line; and American actor Jamie Foxx for the tribal design on the back of his scalp.

The research was commissioned by PicoWay – a new laser tattoo removal treatment.

Dr Tapan Patel of PHI Clinic said: “Some are fortunate enough to always like their tattoos, but it’s a possibility you’ll regret yours if it’s a spur of the moment decision.

“Think long and hard about the longevity of the design, who you’re having it for and why – and you’ll be more likely to appreciate your tattoo in the years to come and less likely to be visiting our clinic for tattoo removal.”

The Top 10 Worst Celebrity Tattoos:

1. Mike Tyson
Tribal facial design

INBV-Mike Tyson shutterstock

2. Cheryl Fernandez-Versini
Roses on back and buttocks

3. Chris Brown
Controversial female face with cut lip and black eye

4. Tulisa
‘Lucky You’ on bikini line

5. Hayden Panettiere
misspelled Latin phrase meaning ‘to live without regrets’

INBV-Hayden Panettiere shutterstock

6. Jessie J
misspelled ‘Don’t loose who you are in the blur of the stars’

7. Pamela Anderson
Barbed wire on bicep

INBV-Pamela Anderson shutterstock

8. Harry Styles
Various chest tattoos

INBV-Harry Styles shutterstock

9. Kerry Katona
Cover up of ex’s name on back

INBV-Kerry Katona shutterstock

10. Justin Bieber
Sleeve featuring eye, ‘Believe’, tiger, knight and more

INBV-Justin Bieber shutterstock

And The Top 10 Best:

1. David Beckham
biblical sleeve tattoos

INBV-David Beckham 2 shutterstock

2. Tom Daley
five Olympic rings on arm

3. Robbie Williams
Maori bicep design

4. Amy Winehouse
fifties pin-up girls on arms

INBV-Amy Winehouse shutterstock

5. Johnny Depp
tattoo in honour of Jack Sparrow and son, Jack

6. Rihanna
Stars on nape of neck

INBV-Rihanna shutterstock

7. Victoria Beckham
Hebrew phrase on spine, ‘I am my love’s and my love is mine, who
browses among the lilies.’

8. Cara Delevingne
Lion on finger

9. Paloma Faith
Birds on back

INBV-Paloma Faith shutterstock

10. Lady Gaga
Trumpet on forearm

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