It’s about to get very awkward over on Facebook with the news that they’re going to give users a ‘dislike’ button.

For years it’s been talked and joked about but founder Mark Zuckerberg has now revealed that his team are working on one.

We think it could be a recipe for disaster considering the possibility that you post a pic of your kid’s first day at school only to receive 350 dislikes. Nothing against you or the child as such, just people venting their frustration at the kindergarten landscape on Facebook.

It’s actually not that groundbreaking a concept – YouTube have had a dislike button for years…

Hopefully the negativity this new button could bring to Facebook is factored into its development. Zuckerberg himself alluded to the fact he didn’t want to allow the button to be used by bullies.

He said: “That doesn’t seem like the kind of community that we want to create. You don’t want to go through the process of sharing some moment that was important to you in your day and have someone ‘downvote’ it. What [users] really want is the ability to express empathy. Not every moment is a good moment.”

The only thing we need now is a button on Facebook to say ‘Meh’ or better still one that communicates ‘I check your profile every day but like some sort of stealth ninja burglar I never leave a trace I’ve been here’.

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