Scarlett Johansson has said donning her Black Widow catsuit was tough work – but she would rather wear that than a retro bra and pants superhero outfit.

The actress stars in Avengers: Age Of Ultron and spoke to OK! magazine about her costume, a utility-style tight jumpsuit.

She said: “It can be brutal in those fight sequences. And it turns into a wetsuit at the end of a fight scene. There was so much sweat coming off my hair every time I whipped round, we’d end up drenched.”

Asked if she thought it was unrealistic for her character to still look sexy while fighting, she replied: “[Director] Joss Whedon is so not interested in the bombshell superheroine archetype. He wanted that character to be tough and intimidating and threatening. I wouldn’t have done it otherwise.

“Those superheroine films with a woman fighting in bra and pantyhose and posing with a wind machine – I have no interest in that.”

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