US taxi app giant Uber will be launching in Belfast on Friday December 11 at 4pm.

Here’s 5 things you need to know ahead of the launch of Uber in Belfast…

1. Booking a taxi

After downloading the app and entering your details Uber is at your service. Via the app you can select your pick-up location, set your destination and request a taxi. When you book, the app will give you a picture of the driver, tell you the type of car he drives, the registration and his rating. It’s a bit like Tinder in that respect but we don’t think you can swipe left or right to pick another driver.

2. Track your cab

Once you book the Uber taxi you can follow the car’s journey to you on your phone. That’s not to say you be waiting. Because Uber drivers decided when to work, if there’s no one working, you’ll have the same wait as you would have with a regular taxi firm.

3. Cost

The most important factor. You can employ all the fancy technology you want but it comes down to how much it’s going to cost you. There’s a flat rate of £2 then £1.10 per mile and 10p per minute after that. The app can provide an estimate of the fare before you book.

4. Paying for the service

Your card details are stored by Uber and you pay direct once the journey is over. The driver won’t take a penny, unless you want to tip him for his legendary banter.

5. Competition

The company is likely to face stiff competition from Northern Ireland’s two big taxi firms – Value Cabs and FonaCab. There’s nothing like a bit of healthy competition and who knows, prices might even drop. Though there’s as much chance as hailing a lift home on a flying pig.

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