Be warned: your Facebook history is about to become seriously exposed.

You’ve probably noticed that Facebook has been playing about lately with a whole hape of updates, with pretty dramatic (annoying) changes to our newsfeed; mysterious hidden inboxes; and a new plethora of liking options.

Naturally hacks are quickly emerging but this latest one might spark some arguments.

It’s now insanely easy to see every single photo you’ve EVER liked – and every photo every one of your friends and significant others have ever liked.

Chances are you have nothing to hide, but it might be time to stop block-liking pics of Ryan Gosling without his shirt on. Or at least, do it a bit less often.

We’ve tried and tested this one and yes it does work.

No friend is safe.

All you have do is go to the tool bar and search ‘photos liked by me’. On the plus side, it will give you a laugh at all the images you’ve liked over the past decade of your life.

To find the photos liked by your companions, simply search ‘photos liked by’ and begin searching their first name. Once it appears, click it and behold an insight into the inner workings of your nearest and dearest…


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