We may have had to wait until October but This Is England 90 has provided the TV highlight of the year.

The third instalment of this Channel 4 spin-off which follows the cast of the hard-hitting movie of the same name came to an end on Sunday night, with no plans to continue the intriguing story further into the ’90s.

Director Shane Meadows fantastically observed and filmed drama gave several actors their big breaks, not least Thomas Turgoose, who played a leading role in the film as Shaun, a 12 year old misfit who gets caught up with the BNP.

Now 23 Shaun called the experience with This Is England life-changing while Tweeting that his first port of call on Monday would be the job centre.

Although there’s some lighter moments, This Is England has been a largely heartbreaking experience with some outstanding performances from a cast who were relative unknowns back in 2006.

We suppose you could call the ending a happy one, as happy as you’re going to get from a show tackling topics such as racism, drug abuse and rape.

We’re not going to give anything away for those who haven’t seen the ending, or any of the middle or beginning. What we would suggest is that you get caught up asap with one of the greatest dramatic events ever to hit the big and small screen.

Over at Channel 4 you can subscribe to the Series playlist and listen to all the tracks from This Is England ’90 as well as extending your fix with deleted scenes and interviews.

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