The Girl On The Train is this summer’s most raved-about read.

Author Paula Hawkins is going to have a job on her hands trying to match its success with a sequel.

Always ready to give a helping hand here are four sequel ideas for The Girl On The Train in keeping with the book’s themes of forgetting stuff and slowly remembering it again over the course of a novel…

The Bloke On The Underground

Book Underground

The most obvious sequel to The Girl On The Train features a single bloke with a drink problem who’s ended up homeless because he can’t remember where he’s left his keys. He’s almost sure he left them on the underground so he travels on it for most of the book trying to find them.

The Dentist On Roller Blades

Book Roller

A dentist’s addiction to laughing gas leads him to seek adrenalin-based thrills like roller skating and high-end call girls. One morning he wakes up in a garden centre next to a dead prostitute. Is he guilty of the most cliched of crimes and if not can he clear his name?

The Wee Lad In The Subaru

Book Subaru

In this sequel a wee lad ends up in jail after a wild night of drinking. He has no recollection of the circumstances in which he received a driving ban so he must retrace his steps to find out how he ended up off his face behind the wheel of his big brother’s Subaru.

The Old Woman On The Goldliner Express

Book Goldliner

Our protagonist gets the same bus every week to meet her daughter in town, but today her daughter isn’t there to meet her. Has she got the wrong day, is her medication playing tricks on her or has something grisly happened? Let’s hope so otherwise it’ll be a pretty crap book.

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