Belfast was nowhere to be found on the UK Beard Map after facial hair trends went under the microscope in a new study. But we’ve got 67 days to put that right!

From paramilitaries to policemen, spides to school teachers, we’ve been championing moustaches and beards here in Belfast since way back in the late seventies, long before the rest of the UK cottoned on to the fact having a hairy face was cool.

Having virtually invented facial hair, Belfast’s omission from the Who’s Where Of Beards is on a par with the English inventing football then going home early from every World Cup in recent memory.


The study commissioned by grooming brand Braun found that the tipping point has finally been reached with the bearded hoards of Great Britain finally outnumbering their clean-shaven counterparts – out of every 100 men, 52 now having something hairy happening on their faces.

The study of 6,500 men revealed that Cardiff and Birmingham emerged as the joint UK Beard Capitals – with 62% of men from those cities having bearded-up.
 London came in close second with of 57% of Londoners maintaining a bit of thatch and more than one in three boasting a full-beard.

Newcastle is the place where you’re most likely to find the traditional goatee while men in Sheffield prefer the extended goatee which includes a moustache.

Sheffield also emerged as the city where the most mutton chops are displayed. Given that its nickname is the Steel City it’s no wonder men there feel the need to emulative blade wielding superhero Wolverine.


Finally, Glasgow emerged as Britain’s Clean-Shaven Capital, where just 35% of men have facial hair.

The Braun survey revealed that it takes British men, on average 67 days to grow what they consider to be the perfect beard.

So there you have it, we mightn’t be on the UK Beard Map right now, but given the competitive nature of Belfast males, give us 67 days and the city will be indistinguishable from the Forest Moon of Endor.




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