After Dean Smith secretly asked his girlfriend to marry him 364 times, she finally said ‘Yes’ when he asked her to her face.

I’m not saying he wasted his time, but it would have saved a lot of bother if he’d asked her outright a year ago instead of trying to become a YouTube sensation by videoing each of the secret proposals.

His proposal video has notched up 7.5 million views and counting since being uploaded in January.

Dean, in winning the title of world’s most patient man, proposed to his girlfriend Jennifer every day on camera, sometimes while she slept in the background.

He spliced together all the proposals into a video which got its premiere on a beach on the Caribbean island of Aruba. Present were Jennifer and her family. After the screening, he finally proposed to her properly using just his mouth. She said yes.

Wouldn’t it have been great if she’d added, “It took you long enough”.

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