Having no WiFi, oranges with pips in, and calls from unknown numbers have emerged on a list of the most common first world problems according to a new survey.

Having a runny nose, being left on hold when making a telephone call, and having to pay 5p to carry your own shopping home also made the list.

Receiving a ‘we missed you card’ for a failed parcel delivery, people who ignore queuing, and losing a dunked biscuit in a cup of tea are also commonplace frustrations.

Being kept on hold - one of the most irritating 'first world' problems

The report, conducted by SPANA, which provides free veterinary treatment to working animals in developing countries throughout the world, also found that on a daily basis as many as 30 million of us in the UK suffer First World Problems and find themselves grumbling unnecessarily about relatively trivial matters.

Door-to-door salespeople, not being able to find the end of the sellotape and running out of milk also bother us.

While trying to log into an account but being unable to remember the password, and having to use a tin opener when the tin doesn’t have a ring pull irritate millions of adults.


The survey of 2,000 adults reveals a number of public transport related first world problems, such as having to stand when there is no room to sit down, and taxi drivers, buses or trains arriving late.

Loo roll

Indeed, running out of milk, no-one replacing the toilet roll and chipped nail polish are enough to aggravate even the most patient of people.

While others are annoyed by important emails going into the junk folder, and the appearance of ‘unexpected items in the bagging area’ at self-checkouts.

Trivial matters such as leaving your phone charger at home, getting blisters from new shoes and getting a ladder in tights can send many over the edge.

The study shows seven in 10 people frequently catch themselves grumbling about things which don’t really matter, and try to stop immediately.

But 85% admit we like nothing more than a good moan about something.

Nine out of 10 people polled think it’s human nature to get caught up in silly little problems even if there are much more serious things going on in the world.

A further 45% try not to get caught up in the seriousness of the real problems the world faces at the moment, and 12% avoid watching the news altogether for fear of what they will see.

Top 50 ‘First World Problems’

A 'runny' nose
1. Having a runny nose
2. Call from unknown numbers
3. Being left on hold when calling a company
4. Receiving a ‘we missed you’ card for a failed parcel delivery
5. People who ignore queuing etiquette
6. Having no WiFi
7. Having to pay 5p to carry your own shopping home
8. Door-to-door salespeople
9. Having a bad phone signal
10. Not being able to find the end of the sellotape
11. Having to stand on public transport
12. Wanting to log into an account but being unable to remember the password
13. Not finding anything you like when clothes shopping
14. Having to use a tin opener when the tin doesn’t have a ring pull
15. No-one replaced the toilet roll
16. Running out of milk

Parcels17. Online deliveries arriving late
18. Unexpected items in the bagging area at self-checkouts
19. Dunking a biscuit and losing half of it in the cup of tea
20. Satsumas that have loads of pips in
21. Blisters from new shoes
22. Not being able to fast forward live TV
23. Your neighbour parking outside your house when they already have more parking space than you
24. When public transport doesn’t turn up on time
25. A Sky+ recording clash
26. Tea going cold
27. A wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear
28. Hotels with plug sockets too far from the mirror / bed
29. Not having 4G signal, merely 3G
30. Sitting in front of or near children on a plane
31. Forgetting your gloves on a cold day
32. Crème eggs not being on sale all year round

Waiting for a Chinese takeaway
33. Takeaway takes too long to be delivered
34. Important emails go into the junk folder
35. Having so much ice in a drink you can’t get to the actual drink
36. When there is a power cut and you can’t watch TV or make a cup of tea
37. Deliveries or meter reading visits at awkward times
38. It’s freezing outside but boiling in the office
39. Having to package up and return clothes you bought online and don’t want
40. Chipped nail polish
41. Running out of hot water

Ladders in tights - such an annoying First World Problem
42. Ladders in tights
43. Leaving the phone charger at home
44. Shop assistant giving you coins instead of a note as change
45. Wine / tea / coffee staining your teeth
46. Tea that is over-brewed and has scum at the top
47. Long queue in the coffee shop
48. Not having matching bed linen and towels
49. The taxi driver arrives late
50. A pulled muscle after exercise

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