The world’s largest rabbit stands at 4ft 4in, just over a foot shorter than Tom Cruise.

He weighs 3 and a half stone which is about a quarter of the weight of Tom Cruise.

You’d be forgiven for thinking this story has something to do with Tom Cruise, but I’ve just used the actor as a reference point, in much the same way as he was used by Katie Holmes.

OK, forget Tom Cruise! Darius the Rabbit is officially the world’s biggest bunny. He’d eat the Easter Bunny for breakfast and polish off Bugs and Roger before he’d even got round to brunch.

The reason he’s in the news is because his son Jeff looks set to grow even bigger than his dad. Jeff is 3ft 8in and still has six months left of growing to do.

The monstrous pair of rabbits are owned by Annette Edwards of Worcestershire.

You’ll do well to find a lady who admits publicly to owning a monstrous pair of rabbits, so fair play to Ms Edwards!


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