A good cup of tea, boiling an egg to perfection and stumbling upon cash in the street have been revealed in a list of 50 things that make your day, according to a new study.

The research of 2,000 adults revealed that for many of us the simple pleasures in life can make the difference between having a good day or a bad one.

The typical adult is happiest at around 2.30pm, the poll showed, and has an average of three ‘good days’ per week.



1. Waking up to a sunny morning

2. Fresh bed sheets

3. Getting unexpected post

4. Finding a fiver in an old coat pocket

5. Being paid

6. Random acts of kindness from strangers

7. Friendly customer service

8. Receiving a compliment

9. Booking a holiday or weekend away

10. Unexpected gift/card from partner

11. Chocolate

12. Finding you’ve lost weight

13. Getting a tax rebate

14. A glass of wine after a long day

15. A morning cup of tea or coffee

16. Winning money on a scratch card

17. Having a new haircut

18. The rain stopping at just the right time

19. Cuddling your pet

20. A new episode of your favourite show

21. Finding something you need in the sale

22. Receiving a ‘Well done’ from your boss

23. Your favourite song coming on the car radio

24. New fluffy towels

25. No traffic on the way to work

26. Being offered free samples on the street

27. Nabbing a free parking spot

28. Flirting with an attractive stranger

29. Driving with the windows down

30. Splashing out on a nice dinner

31. Chatting on the phone with a friend

32. Ice-cream

33. Getting an upgrade on a flight

34. Someone letting you out at a junction

35. Someone making you tea in the morning

36. Getting all your laundry done

37. Wearing sunglasses

38. Walking the dog

39. Wearing a favourite shirt/dress

40. Being tagged in a flattering photo

41. Wearing new shoes

42. Getting lots of likes on a Facebook post

43. Getting an answer on University Challenge

44. Being asked out on a date

45. Using the self-service tills with no problems

46. Having bragging rights because your football team won

47. Getting the best seat in a cinema

48. Cakes in the kitchen at work

49. Boiling an egg to perfection

50. Getting a Tinder match




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